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Elegant Imagery Was My Biggest Mistake

Reaaaallyyy going to try to remain adult about this, but Elegant Imagery is the biggest regret of my day.  Packaged included 2 photographers which I confirmed on the phone prior to booking would split in the morning; one to me and one to my husband.  That was my main goal and the main reason I booked them.  Included in the package were 2 free gifts and I chose Video of Ceremony and Photobooth.  A few months before the wedding we decided to book a videographer through them.  Since one of my "free gifts" was video of the ceremony, but I was now booking a full day videographer I figured I would be able to replace my "video of ceremony" free gift to something else.  After about four emails of "her" (I won't say names) not being able to understand that request...I gave up.  I spelled it out as many ways as I could and only received  "but I don't get it.  I don't understand.  What?  Derrrrrr". *eyeroll.   So I really only got one "free gift" which was the photo booth.  One week before my wedding I was told my 2 photographers would BOTH be coming to me in the morning because "we don't split our team, that's not how we work".  Awesome...way to book me with a lie. I received TWO people.  TWO.  Even though I booked 2 photographers, a videographer, and a photo booth (I.E attendant).  My "videographer" was a tripod and if they wanted to "pan" the video the guy would run over there and roughly click click click the video up or down in rough movements.  I've said on other reviews that a drunk uncle could have done that.  Because I did not get what we paid for (almost $5,000 by the way...vomit now) they missed soooooooo much.  I was supposed to get my disc of photos by Jan 19 (no prints) and didn't get it until March. Oh did I mention I received <450 photos?  Yea.   I just watched my video and could only keep drinking and laughing at how amateur it is considering the money we paid.  Our wedding was cultural with cultural dances.  The reason we booked a videographer later was due to my husbands request as we really wanted to have video of all the cultural dances, including a very important one danced by the men.  They video'd the very first dance and THAT'S IT (as far as dances). He is so upset and I feel even worse for him because I'M THE ONE who booked E.I.  His father passed years ago and this dance was important to his father, therefore, he really wanted to have it on video. I'm so devastated for my husband. Then you mix in the unprofessional conduct throughout the time they were taking our money. They took FOREVER to answer emails, their answers were terrible when they finally did, and it was nothing but excuses. I have everything documented via email which I did on purpose. So unprofessional. "Oh we're so busy."  "Oh poor Dee, he's so tired tonight.".  "Oh poor Dee, but he was busy with the September brides".  No really...that was one of the replies when he missed an appointment. Not like I said "hey call me now".  It was SCHEDULED.   As in, get in aren't important enough yet to answer emails or talk to yet, but hey I'll take your next auto deposit!"   I had an appointment one evening for a call to discuss a schedule for the day.  The result was him calling and saying "I don't even know what this call is for".  There was never any follow up to that, so the day was an unorganized mess with ME choreographing most things.  The only reason my husband and I each have a photo with our mothers is because we had the sense of mind to ask for it. If I had paid less, than the results would be easier to deal with, but at almost $5,000 I'm horrified at the entire experience. Trying to move on and get passed it, but most brides know they put their heart and soul into their wedding.  The photos and video are the reward after all the hard work, stress, aggravation, etc, so when those go wrong it's hard to deal with.  

Re: Elegant Imagery Was My Biggest Mistake

  • I must admit that I actually did not read this past the 2nd or 3rd sentence. One long block / paragraph of text like this makes it very hard to read. :(    Sorry
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