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Emotions are crazy! LOL

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Holy wow! I was reading through our wedding website and next thing I know, tears are just flowing! Looking at our engagement photos...cried. Starting to get things packaged for the hotel (flowers boxed, bm gifts wrapped) and I start getting choked up. Finishing addressing invites, crying.

It's CRAZY! I haven't been this emotional since my last pregnancy!

Looking at him while he's watching tv and I just get so overwhelmed with emotion. 

I don't know, maybe bc 28 years ago when I first had a crush on him, or thinking back to 23 years ago when I made some really dumb choices (bc he failed to tell me what he really thought so I didn't think he could have cared less) and pretty much lost all those years together...maybe I'm just so glad that now that we're older and through the craziness and mistakes that came with our younger years that now we can focus on just growing old and spending our last years together.

I know there is no way in hell I'm going to make through my vows without help from Kell (officiant). And I'll probably be a sobbing mess when J says his. He told me there is a paper in his wallet and asked me to please please please not read it bc it has all his random thoughts that he will organize into his vows.

ANywhoozers....I'm sure before today is over I'll be crying again LOL
~*~June 21, 2014~*~


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