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How fun to have girls from all over the United States with the same wedding date! I'm so happy they finally got the October 2015 discussion started! 

I have noticed I get mixed emotions from people...I do not like when people say "you have time" it drives me crazy! If you are a bride like me I want things done! 

So ladies with the same date as me... how do you feel about the expression " you have time " :)

I look forward to talking and planning  with all the October ladies!

Re: 10/10/2015!!

  • I am 10/10/15 too!! :D It drives me crazy because these is no such thing as being done too early for a wedding. It's my wedding- I will plan early if I want to :)
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  • Exactly!! I want to have everything booked and ready to go 6 month prior....so I can relax those last 6 months. I don't know how some girls plan their weddings in 6 months...why do it fast do it over time and have fun with it! YES I HAVE PLENTY of time on purpose lol :) I planned it that way

    You are from Michigan right? I'm from Wisconsin!
  • yes, michigan it is :)
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  • 19 months and counting!!!
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  • I too have gotten mixed reactions regarding my wedding date. I'm already feeling the stress with finding s venue and realizing how expensive it all is here! Not sure what it's like in Michigan or Wisconsin but here in the northeast it all costs so much. The 19 months will allow me to save, bargain shop and leaves me time to work on DIY projects. I can't even imagine trying to do it all in less time without losing my mind.  
  • My wedding is 10/10/15 too, in NJ :) I've been going to bridal shows and talking to various vendors, and they all say the same thing "you have time" "getting a head start?" i just smile and laugh to myself because I know I won't be running around last minute to get everything together. I've been booking little by little and not stressing too much about the checklist and money I'm shelling out on deposits.

    Where is everyone in their planning? So far I have my venue and photographer. We're hoping to meet with the church this month, then we're laying low until it's time for DJ and dress shopping!
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  • I've booked:
    Venue (it is for both the ceremony & reception), DJ, Photographer, Photo booth, Officiant

    I already know:
    My colors, linens person, caterer, my bridal party. My got my  design doe my centerpieces and I thinking I'm going silk for my flowers because of my strict budget.
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  • I'm putting off looking at dresses until It's summer and I can lose some weight. But I have a dress in mind for both me and my BM's.
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  • @amandarillo What venue did you choose? I'm still on the hunt. (I'm considering Sunday 10/11/15)
  • That comment drives me nuts...and wouldn't you know, my "lets get things done" attitude has paid off because I've been able to get all my first choice vendors booked & had I waited because I "have so much time" I would have at least lost my photographer. She's highly in demand in my area and within weeks of my booking her she had another couple try to book her on our date.
  • My FH and I were engaged in October and have done a few of the major things so far: venue, photo/video, dj.  We are going to look at wedding rings this weekend because the store where he bought my engagement ring is expanding the building, but they have to sell off all the jewelry first.  I feel like it's good to have a lot of time because then we can get the best price on a lot of stuff.  Like the photo/video guy we are using was running a promo where you get the highest end video package with the booking of any photo package.  Plus we can save up more money in the next 19 months!
  • I hate when people say that! I keep thinking of everything that has to be done yet and get overwhelmed! I've bought my dress, undergarments, my wedding ring was my fmil's and we sent it out to be sized this week, ceremony and reception venues will be booked in the next couple weeks, officiant is booked, hotel rooms have been blocked, invitations and save the dates have been chosen, just need to be ordered. I have an appt this week with a "rustic" rental company for some of my decorations. I still feel like I have tons to do though....
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  • Stepfanie! I DO NOT GET OVERWELMED...worst thing to do! Every single vendor I have talked too has told me it's great to see you are doing things early....you get the things you want this way! I've talked to a couple brides and they are having to take their second even third choice of things because the ones they wanted are already booked! Even though I have every large thing books or ordered I still feel like there is a lot of do...the guest list is one. My FMIL needs to get me over 50% of her addresses talk about stressful lol   You were able to block your hotel already?? Thats awesome! I can;t til October that will be the last and final thing I'm worried about! :) Happy planning girlie 
  • I am on 10/11/2015. I wanted 10/10/15 but the venues booked up pretty quick in NYC (it is columbus day weekend). I am almost surprised that a bridal show said "getting a head start?" to you. I went to one in PGH and they were getting weddings for November of 2015. Which made me panic. 

    I am in school, and I am also having a baby soon. I am eight hours away from my venue, so I need to get as much planning done as possible this summer. Personally I am more concerned about my baby than the wedding, but I am still pretty pumped! 
  • Im on 10/25/15 !!! I deff like to get things done so "you have time" is NOT an option nor a statement  I like to hear haha in fact someone told me that last week LOL :)
  • Also a 10/10/15 bride and have already booked venue, and DJ.  I am hoping to meet with the photographer this weekend.  My venue does catering there.  I have already started trying on dresses and have one im fairly certain i want for my maids as long as they all like it.  My biggest issue is that most of my girls are in different states and so I have to find days when either they are in my area or that i can visit them to do a girls day and try on dresses and things of that nature.  I am also planning my wedding in central NJ while living in DE, its not terribly far, but its at least an hour or two sometimes more to various vendors.

    Excited to have this community to bounce ideas off though!
  • My fiance and I got engaged on July 4th and we have set our wedding date for 10/10/2015. We're having a backyard outdoor wedding (not our backyard - a very generous friend of ours offered to host the ceremony!) and we've already picked our colors. I'm so excited! 
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  • Another 10/10/15! Have venue and photographer booked... Pricing out caterers and doing our first tasting this weekend! Waiting on dresses till probably the fall so I can be closer to my goal weight (less alterations hopefully!).  Ordered Save the Date's today on Vistaprint (by waiting with postcards in my cart I got them for FREE plus shipping!) I'm like the rest of you, rather get it done now then RELAX and enjoy being engaged! 
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  • @alisonm23-I want to get post cards from vistaprint! how did you get them for free? I've designed mine and had them in the cart too.
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  • @Tiffany101015 I kept getting emails from them with additional discounts the longer I waited, eventually got one for $10 off my first order! 
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  • vmb77vmb77 member
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    My reception venue told us we could hold off until sometime in February of 2015 to book for our October 3, 2015 wedding. I looked right at them and said, no, I will book it now as I have other items to book around this venue and date; I don't want to get everything else lined up and then find out my venue isn't available.  It is my wedding and I know what I want - I will book it as early as I see fit.  My FI agrees with me.
  • I absolutely hate when people tell me and my FI that we have time! We're having a long engagement (we'll have been engaged for 2 years and change by the time our Oct 2nd 2015 wedding hits) and I couldn't stand everyone's opinions about when I should start doing things. I'm someone who likes to have all my ducks in a row, so knowing where my budget is going early on helps me sleep at night. I'm also doing many DIY projects and I rather not wait until 2 months before the wedding to try and complete them all - I would become a stress monster and then the whole planning process would be a nightmare for everyone. We're about to be 14 months away from our wedding and I'm starting to freak out because I already feel like I lost so much time lol! So I plan by the saying "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." 
  • @FutureMrsToal‌ im getting married on 10/2/15 too. Same thing w me n my fiancé. We will be engaged over 2 years when we get married. I feel like u people r like "wow getting a head start" we booked our venue last year. Which worked out good for us bc we got this years rate and not have to worry about the price going up. I tell everyone "yea I am doing it early this way I get what I want and not have to settle for anything less. People will have opinions about everything. Trying to ignore people.
  • I got engaged a month and a half ago and immediately started contacting vendors.  Some of them said that 10/10/2015 was already booked!  Everyone keeps telling me I have "so much time" but they keep telling me it's a year and a half away.  It was never a year and a half away!  With 14 months to go, I'm starting to get nervous about all the little details that I will want to DIY.  So far we have our ceremony and reception venues booked and our photographer - who was surprised at how early in the planning stages we contacted him, but he's a big name in Ontario.  Meeting with officiants next week and then breathe for a couple weeks until dress shopping and engagement photos.

    As a planner, I'm so glad to have all this time to do everything exactly as I want.
  • We set our date on 10/10/2015 and already starting to plan the wedding. I know the venue we want wont take a deposit until a year from the date. I am starting to look around for caterers. I don't want to be stressing out next year!
  • Hello! My date is 10/10/2015 too (as long as the venue allows)

    What have you ladies booked so far now? People think we're crazy because we're already looking at reception sites, but I would like something really nice, with plenty of time to make deposits and not risk things getting booked.  

  • I booked my venue on 10/6/13 just about 2 years before the wedding. Venues book fast and we got a deal since we booked 2 years early. They had no pricing for 2015. So we got 2014 prices. Booking early allows you to get what you want. We also booked a place that does photo, video and dj all in one. I have my hair n makeup trial this October. Also engagement photos are booked same day as hair and makeup trial.
  • Hello! I am another 10/10/15 as well! 

    I have booked quite a bit - we became engaged last December. So far we have:

    Venue with caterer
    Officiant (family member)
    My dress has been ordered
    Engagement photos done this week (we wanted Summer and next Summer wouldn't work for save the dates)

    Listing it, it looks like a lot. We have spread things out though within the last 9 months and have locked in 2014 prices, which is really helpful. It also has been helping us to stick to a budget. 
  • There is a lot to do and plan for, not wrong to get a jump start to put your mind at ease, right?? We are in the stages of booking our venue, then we have to book a hotel stay and flights (destination wedding), so I wanted to start this ASAP to ensure we get what we want, as we are getting hitched in Vegas (live in WA state).
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  • WOW! I'm so happy I am not the only bride out there that 1. hates that statement " you have time " and 2. Has gotten a lot of stuff booked already! Makes me feel normal since every other person around me ( even though ive said i hate that statement ) keeps saying it! LOL. I just recently got our cake lady picked out and will be picking flavors soon! We will be soon doing a mini engagment picture session with your photography because i currently have braces but i wanted my STD to have the fall colors on them. The rest I will do in the spring when they are finally off!  Till later HAPPY BOOKING LADIES! yay to 10/10/15!
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