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buying a house a month before the wedding

We've been looking at houses for awhile now. And nothing has really stuck us enough to put in offer in. Well today our realtor took us to a great house. Big yard 3 car garage the house its self wasn't overly huge but good enough for the two of us and our dog. So we put in offer in. I never thought a month before our wedding we'd be doing this. But we are and we are very excited. Is anyone else going through this??
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Re: buying a house a month before the wedding

  • Congrats! I hope it works out. We purchased our house a few years ago. If your offer is accepted and you have a normal escrow, you'll probably be signing the papers right around when you get married. Make sure that will work out schedule wise! It does take some time to finalize the loan, get the home inspected, sign the final paperwork... you may want to push for a 60 day escrow just so you have some more time to deal with all of that stuff. A closing a week before the wedding could be super stressful.

  • Yes, I'm there.  My fiance and I each own our own homes, so we were going to sell both and buy something together.  He put his place on the market 2 weeks ago and we thought it might take a few months to sell, but we had a buyer within 24 hours.  Now my worst nightmare is coming true--we have to move out of his house for a closing the week before the wedding.  Oh, and because I'm a glutton for punishment, I went ahead and started house hunting too.  And found one.  And we're in contract--likely also closing the week before the wedding.  April is going to be a crazy, wonderful month!
  • Congrats!! We just closed on a house this past Monday! Newly built, so it's brand new and beautiful. We're slowing moving in some things (most of my things are in a storage unit already). I had a WONDERFUL Realtor, lender and we just worked with the builder's title company. If you happen to have to close a week before the wedding, I wish you the best! I could not imagine doing that plus all the other details. Get your family/friends/planner in gear to really be working on things for you wedding wise. Good luck!!
  • Good news!  We close 4 days *after* the wedding on both houses instead of the week *before* the wedding.  Tee hee.  I just have to remind my fiance that the Thursday and Friday that he took off from work to help me with last minute wedding stuff is *not* going to turn in to 2 days of packing up a house instead!
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