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Mother of the Bride Dress

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Hi All!
I was just wondering if anyone knew what the etiquette is for Mother of the Bride dresses? My mom and I were talking this morning and she mentioned buying a navy dress for my wedding. Navy is the same color as what the bridesmaids are wearing, which I'm totally fine with, and I know that my mom's dress style will be VERY different than the bridesmaid's dress style! I have never EVER seen my mom in a dress, EVER. I told her that she didn't have to wear a dress to the wedding, but she said that she wants to. I just want her to feel comfortable in whatever she chooses to wear, and if navy will make her feel comfortable then I'm okay with that! But, I could see some people making some snide remarks about my mom matching the bridesmaids. Just wanted other people's thoughts and opinions.

Re: Mother of the Bride Dress

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    If your FMIL makes snide remarks about what your Mom is wearing then she is a huge ass bitch.

    Your Mom is a guest at your wedding so she is allowed to wear whatever she wants.  Like you said, as long as she is comfortable and feels pretty then that is all that matters.

  • You have the right attitude -- your mom can and should wear whatever she feels comfortable in.  If your FMIL has something rude to say about your mom's choice of attire, FMIL is a giant bitch.
  • Ditto Maggie. If your FMIL is low-class enough to make snide remarks, then your FMIL is an effing bitch. 

    My mom wore a really pretty royal blue dress from DB that she found on clearance in Florida when she was there on busines -- it cost her about $80, and she loved it. She looked (and felt) beautiful in it. My BMs were in deep plum dresses, so she neither matched nor co-ordinated, and that was fine.

    Also, if your FMIL makes any snide comments in your hearing, I would say, 'OH, I know, isn't it lovely that she matched? I really think it's so wonderful that she matched the BMs and looked like part of the wedding party -- after all, they are our nearest and dearest, and I just love how great my Mom looks, don't you agree?' I'd really rub in her face how great you think this is. 

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    Thanks ladies! 
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