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Photo location near Middleburgh heights/Columbia Station

Can anyone recommend photo locations for wedding pictures in May? Our church is in Middleburgh Heights and our reception is in Columbia Station. I'm looking for something unique. I also like nature/wooded areas for pictures.
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Re: Photo location near Middleburgh heights/Columbia Station

  • ashcolyerashcolyer
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    Our locations were the similar to yours (Berea church though). We took our pictures at the covered bridge in Olmsted Falls - it's called the David Fortier River Park (my icon is from there) We also went into the trails and got beautiful pictures in the leaves.


    Is your reception at the Columbia Ballroom?? The back of the venue was gorgeous for pictures (my signature picture is from there).


  • ashcolyer. Yup, My reception is at Columbia Ballroom!
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  • Very close to the Columbia Ballroom is the Grand Pacfic Junction shopping/dining area...you could do some cool things there, I think a row of shops has an old porch. There's also a gazebo if I'm not mistaken. I had my shower at Clementine's and everyone commented on how charming that area is.
  • We are getting married in September and our reception is at the Columbia Ballroom!  We are having our pictures taken at the covered bridge and Grand Pacific Junction that were mentioned above :)  Super close...we also plan to get some pics taken outside behind the ballroom when we get there as well at sunset!
  • ashcolyer  your pictures are gorgeous! I have another question you might to help me with..Did you do a room block? If so which hotel did you use? Did they offer shuttle service from the ballroom?
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  • @Jstump2 Thanks - our photographer was amazing! The ballroom was fantastic and so great to work with. 

    We used Hampton Inn and Suites on Engle Rd. in Middleburg Hts. A shuttle to and from the ballroom was offered with 15 rooms booked. I got tons of feedback on the hotel and everyone loved it. Rooms were recently renovated and the breakfast was apparently very good. I stayed there the night before and used a suite to get ready in the morning. It held 3 stylists, 6 bridesmaids, 2 moms and myself with no space issues. 

  • The BW campus in Berea has some nice locations (including Coe Lake, which is just south of campus). There's a lot of beautiful old stone buildings (including Marting and Dietch Halls) your party can stand in front of. Lyceum Square is a nice green area in front of Marting, and the music conservatory has a newly-renovated stone staircase.
  • @ashcolyer- The hotel block recommendation is great. I am getting married at the Columbia Ballroom in July, and am in the process of trying to block a hotel somewhere. Hopefully it's not too late!

    I am living in South Florida right now, but am from Ohio... Many hotels in South Florida make the bride and groom pay a huge deposit when blocking rooms, and charge for unbooked rooms if no one stays in them. Did the Hampton Inn do anything like that? I'm finding South Florida is a VERY different place to get married, so I am unsure of what to expect.

  • @Lwade07 No deposit needed for booking the block. The rooms were released a month before our wedding day so others could book them. I had booked ours about 10 months out because we had many OOT guests and wanted the info for our STDs only to find out that nobody booked until about a week before the block was released. Oh the things you stress about and realize they weren't important, lol! Good luck!


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