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Hi All!  I am a Friday June 6th bride and am getting things ready for sending invitations in a few weeks!  
I recently was reading up on wording and mailing etiquette and saw that printed address labels are a no no.  I am not using a calligrapher and ordered invites from etsy and was planning on using a cursive or close to hand written font on address labels.
Anyone else doing this? 


Re: Invitations!

  • We are not doing labels, I think they are tacky and regardless of the font they still look like labels.  I am just doing my own calligraphy on the envelopes, the same as I did for the STD's we sent out.  Yes it took some time but it looks much better and more personal than a label or printing the address on the invite.


  • Why not just print directly on the envelope versus labels. That is better than labels. Labels are a no-no but not a big deal.
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  • You really shouldn't do stick-on labels, but handwriting on the envelope is totally fine. We can't all afford calligraphers! :) 
  • I did stick-on labels - they were almost as big as my envelopes (small invites). I'm a lefty, so hand-writing them myself would have left a smeared mess after about the fourth invite. :) Not feeling any regrets.
  • I addressed my envelopes in my natural handwriting.  I generally write neat and straight, but nothing fancy.  I used a permanent alcohol based pen so there are (and will be) no smears.  

    Our return address is dry (raised) embossed on the back flap.  That is as fancy as I got.
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  • I addressed mine by hand. I mean, it's definitely not calligraphy, but my cursive is pretty decent and I think it's makes them much more personal. I would say do them by hand, but if that's what you decide to do, then do a few a day. It's a lot of writing and you wear out your hand pretty fast. I decided to do 10 a day and I'm done with them all now, and think they look pretty great.
  • I did mine by hand, in sets of twenty...which meant twenty invites and twenty rsvp envelopes. Glad I didn't do them all at once bc by the end of twenty (forty), I was making mistakes on the envelopes. Glad I had extras!
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  • I printed mine directly onto the envelope which allowed me to have the font on the envelopes coordinate with the font on the invitation.  My handwriting is atrocious.
  • ab6704a said:
    I printed mine directly onto the envelope which allowed me to have the font on the envelopes coordinate with the font on the invitation.  My handwriting is atrocious.
    Ditto! I tried to handwrite some of them, and they just looked terrible, so printing on the envelope was the best for us.


  • When I receive an invitation I could care less if it was handwritten or a printed label. As long as the name and address was legible and it got to me that's what matters.
  • I'm sending out a lot of invitations so I'm definitely not going to be able to write on every envelope. Lol I'm having my bridesmaids help with them too, it will help me out and a the same time give me an excuse to throw a little soiree. :)
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