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coming from uk! confused! help please

Hi ladies.
Me and my oh have just started planning our vegas wedding and WOW it's mind boggling.
so here goes.
We are coming April 2015 and so far I have fallen in love with the valley of the falls (mandalay bay) and the gardens at caesers. What's confusing me is the package. Do I need to book a separate photographer?
I really want to keep it low budget.
And am I best booking with the hotel direct or with a 3rd party?
Are there any other UK brides on here?
Thanks for your time xx

Re: coming from uk! confused! help please

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    Hi I am from the UK and get married April this year in about 5 weeks. We are having chapel of the flowers at around 800dollars. This includes a 30 minute photoshoot, a bouquet, buttonaires for 5men and first look service so I don't see my partner before. We have 6 comming with us but we are going look for a nice restaurant when we get there. I booked through the website but I email them all the time and usually get a reply the same day at night. Hope this helps x
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    Thanks for your reply. Do you get any pictures included? I read on trip advisor that a couple who got married at mandalay bay paid $3000 for the copy right to their pictures. It's one of those "I'm not going to buy, oh I bought them all!" I like maggianos for our evening do because we have children with us and they seem family friendly xx
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    Hi! I'm in Scotland and getting married in April 2015 too, just booked it this weekend! We're getting married at the platinum, they have an all inclusive package you can choose which includes photographer, flowers, everything you need!
    Also check out, it's a great site and helped me a lot.

    I'm not sure about booking the hotel yet, but this week I'm going to call BA and Virgin to ask about group bookings and we might try and price up a room block at a hotel to see if we can get a good price.
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    It includes around 50 pictures I think. U can buy more on the day of reviewing the pictures or I think upto a year later. We are staying at the vdara and then going to Orlando for our honeymoon. We couldn't book until 10 months before which was very frustrating. Now I am on countdown lol x
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    Hi I can give you some info re. Caesars. I got married in the Juno Garden last year. I'm from the UK too. I chose the cheapest package (Bella Luna) as I didn't need the extras that came with the other packages. It was cheaper to add the extras I wanted. I paid approx $200 to upgrade my bouquet to a 24 rose size, added an additional hour of photography and paid for the CD of all images with rights to those images ($800). With the packages you only get to pick a selection of prints, my package included about 20 prints. If you want your photographer for several hours/ full day you would be cheaper getting another photographer but as I only wanted a photographer for the ceremony and one additional hour paying the $800 was the simplest thing for me to do. I really liked Imagine Studios (caesars photographer) aswell. Caesars may allow you to use your own photographer if you pay an external vendors fee but it's quite hefty probably around $300. You could always use their photographer for the ceremony and use another for before and after. I don't know much about Mandalay Bay other than they use Cashman Photography and the CD of images is a fortune. If you haven't already looked you'll find more info on Vegasgroom's site
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    I booked directly with Caesars for the wedding. For flights and hotel (cosmopolitan) I found it cheaper to book via expedia.
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    Hi. Have you booked your flights for 2015? Im just looking but can only fine Vigin and they are expensive! xx
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    Thanks spoon, i have recieved an email for caesers and it all looks very promising, Vegasgroom is a fab site too. Thanks ladies. xx
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