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Gift for wedding night

Wedding planning has been a little more than I thought.  So thinking anymore with being in last semester of college, well I'm just over thinking at this point.  What are some ideas of a gift to give him on our wedding day.  I want it to be something meaningful.

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    Im doing penny jars. Labeled as year one and year two. For the first year every time we "get busy" well put a penny in jar labeled year one. Starting the second year every time we "get busy" well remove a penny from year one jar snd put into year twos jar. The idea is to at least remove all the pennies from each previous year and put them into the current year. That way we have a goal to reach in order to keep the sexy in our marriage each year. Its something he told me way back in the beginning of our relationship that hed like to do. 
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    I brought two romantic greeting cards. One for the wedding day and one for our 1st anniversary. I am going to include a nice personal letter in each one. The one for the first anniversary I will write the day after our wedding.

    I am also getting a special box to put our wedding video in. We will watch while we eat the first tier of our cake on 1st anniversary. At our pre marriage class the minister talked about how he did this with his wife. He said they watch their video during a difficult time in their marriage and after they both finished watching they were able to connect back to the feeling of that day and the love they were feeling. They have been married for 35 years.

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    I'm buying FH a watch that he's been eyeing for months. I'm going to have his BM give it to him a couple hours before the wedding with a note that reads, "See you at 4:30pm!" which is when our ceremony will start. 

    I also have the idea to text him a picture of my garter just before the wedding, too hahaha!
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    I'm also getting my fiance a watch since he's been saying for a while that he wants a new one. I like the idea of delivering it to him the day of the wedding with a little note.
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