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Congrats to this weekend's brides!

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I want to wish all those that are getting married on Saturday & Sunday - a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! May the weather be beautiful and you enjoy the day.   

March 15th:

March 16th:

I know I probably won't be on much, but I hope everyone enjoys their day.  5 days left 3/15 girls! 6 days 3/16 girls!  Good luck!

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Michelle & Ronald

image172 Invites sent
image 132 adults and 3 kids are party animals
image 40 are party poopers
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Need 8 adults to make minimum.  Eek.

Re: Congrats to this weekend's brides!

  • I was just coming to do this so that you wouldn't have to!!  

    Have a wonderful, wonderful wedding week, ladies!  I'm so excited for each and every one of you.  Treasure every moment.
    image 108 invited.
    image 95 will be celebrating with us.
    image 13 will be there in spirit...
    (including the uninvited cousins who
    RSVP-ed and then cancelled after 
    realizing that it wasn't a great time
    to travel to our city....) 
    image 0 are keeping us guessing!

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  • best of luck ladies! Especially you Saturday ladies, GORGEOUS weather!!! I hope some of it carries over to my Sunday wedding :)

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  • Congrats ladies!
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  • Congratulations ladies! Hope you all have an amazing day!!
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