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Has any one been to a wedding at GOV or had their wedding there? I'm having a tough time finding much online about them, besides their own website. It's between them and Cascades. I know Cascades is beautiful, has great reviews, its the "best thing since sliced bread", yadda, yadda, yadda. But when I went to visit the site (with appointment) I was completely turned off by the gentlemen we were to meet  with. Didn't have a good experience at all. Of course, he could have been turned off by us asking if they could work with us on the winter wedding package. Just plain cold though. 
When we went to GOV, the woman there was warm and friendly and really made us feel like family. As we were leaving she leaned in to me and said, no matter what we will make you happy. 

So do I go with a gorgeous venue, higher price plate, but with perceived snobby staff OR do I go with a pretty venue (not as new/upgraded as competition), friendly family-like staff and plate that is $13 cheaper than the competition. Same/similar food choices and winter package. 

Its hard to make this decision without hearing anyone's experience with Grand Oak Villa. Even if it was a friend of a friend. Anyone??

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    My fiance and I looked at both of those places and didnt go with either. I felt the money wasnt worth it at cascade. As far as GOV, I thought that the woman we spoke to was great, but I was worried about another wedding being so close to ours since the rooms were right next to each other. I ended up going with Villa Bianca who gave me a great deal on a winter wedding package even though I chose the last Saturday night in April. It wasn't a venue I originally chose to look at but it was completely worth it. 

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    I'm glad to hear Villa Bianca is getting their act together. Certainly glad you had a great wedding! I've been to Villa Bianca a few times and never had a good experience, but their wedding packages are unbelievable! 
    My wedding would end up taking over both rooms so I don't have to worry about that. Sounds like my gut (which is telling me GOV over Cascades) is right!
    Thanks for your input, it really helps!
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    I've been to weddings at GOV - nice place, good food, and from what I've heard pretty reasonable. 
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