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Photographer Suggestions

I'm just starting to look for a photographer for my wedding 02/28/15. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a photographer around the $1,000-$1,500 range.

Re: Photographer Suggestions

  • Check out Blue Boots Photography; Laura Ann Photogoraphy (Facebook); Megan Neumann (sp?) is pretty good too!
  • Love George Street Photography! Stay away from ME Photography/Kara Knutson - we had a horrible experience... She lost our contract, cashed our check anyway, and then took forever to get it figured out.
  • I [email protected] Kschaefer90! We booked Blue Boots Photog for our Oct wedding. we haven't taken our engagement pics yet, but her display pics are gorgeous and she seems really nice :)
  • I looked at Blue Boots Photography but their website says their packages start at 2800.  Also checked out Laura Anny Photography but it doesn't look like she does weddings?  I'm also looking for photographers in that price range and would appreciate recommendations!
  • Oh gosh, KelliM14, I'm so sorry!  Last time I checked out their page, it was under $1000 so they've raised it A LOT in the last year.  http://lauraannphotography.wix.com/photography#!weddings/c14ak Last I checked, she was around 1500 and that was within the last year
  • Thanks for the link to Laura Ann!  I was looking at another website.  Not sure if it was another site she has or another photographer all together.
  • Holy schnike! Our contract is $1500 for 10 hrs... Signed in August, glad we got her when we did. I've heard good things about Time into Pixels but no idea on pricing
  • We just got married this weekend, and used Michael Barnholdt Photography (http://michaelbarnholdt.com/).  We absolutely LOVED him and his wife, Lisa (they work together) and the way they worked.  Our friends and family thought they were fantastic as well. 

    I would strongly recommend him to anyone.  Slightly higher than the estimates I'm seeing on this post - I think we paid $2,000 for 8 hours.  He was phenomenal, though, and for us it was worth every penny!
  • I just ended up booking through Complete MN...$1395 for a Wedding Fair special today!
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