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Bed Bath & Beyond items going out of stock

I have been periodically checking my registry on BB&B and items keep going out of stock (and some are not available in any of the stores).  Does anyone know how quickly they restock items?  My shower is coming up and if they're not going to restock I want to change some of the things.

Re: Bed Bath & Beyond items going out of stock

  • I signed up to get an email from them when something was back in stock. One item took barely a week and another took two months. I guess it depends on how popular the item is? That said if your shower is coming up you may want to change things or have them on another registry. I have one at Macy's too which has many of the items of bb&b. If things are still out of stock when my shower is coming up I'll just add them to Macy's.
  • Thanks. The only other retailer that carries what I want (my casual china set) is amazon, so I added it to that registry, but the online reviews from amazon complain about broken plates from inadequate shipping packaging by amazon. :( Hopefully BB&B gets it back in stock soon. There are a few other random items that have gone out of stock but I don't care much about those. I think BB&B needs better inventory management. Like reorder stuff when it gets low instead of letting so many obviously popular items go out of stock?
  • Yeah, I was really surprised by how often items go out of stock and how random the time periods are for when it's back. The Kitchenaid toaster I added went out of stock and back on in a couple of days while the marble rolling pin's been out of stock for months. Very surprising for a store that deals so much with registries from folks all over the country.
  • Sometimes it definitely is poor ordering management, but a lot of the times it's the vendors themselves that run out of the items and can't fulfill the demand (as in, they can't make the items quickly enough to keep up with the store's customers). 

    Which pattern is it, just out of curiosity? I would call the store to ask what the status of the item is as well. The should be able to tell you if the item is on order, or if it's been discontinued.
  • @Cackle6 this is it:

    It's also out of stock in all stores in a 25 mile radius.  It's in stock at Amazon luckily, so I added it to that registry, but I think fewer people buy from Amazon for gifts than BBB.
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