Hand Cancelling Invitations

I was just at the post office getting my invitation weighed and there was another girl there dropping off her wedding invitations and they told her they won't hand cancel them. I'm wondering if this is a new policy at the post office or if it is just this particular branch. Has anyone recently had their invitations hand cancelled and where did you do this at? Particularly looking for branches in Fairfield County. Thanks!

Re: Hand Cancelling Invitations

  • Mine were hand cancelled. I mailed them from the post office in Berlin on Kensington road. I did specifically ask them to, but they said they were too thick to fit in the machine anyways. They did however hand cancel my save the dates as well when I asked....not that close to Fairfield, but if you can't find anywhere closer...
  • I know, for my shower, my MOH was told that she needed to go to a "main branch" and not a smaller satalight branch. She lived in Wethersfield and had to go to one in Hartford. So I'd look at larger post offices.

  • Yes I did go to the main branch in Berlin, that's a good point, the smaller branches probably don't have enough staffing. That being said even the main post office in Berlin is pretty small....
  • new britain is a large post office they might be able to hand cancel them
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