Need help on favors

Hello everyone, I need help making some decisions so I am having a butterfly themed wedding and I wanted to make cookie in jar favors for the guests. I'm thinking I should just do one per couple to make it easier and cheaper on myself. What do you think? Or should I make for each guest. Also, I want to buy these butterfly cookie cutters and can't decide if it would look tacky or weird if I had the cookie cutter ties to a chocolate chip cookie recipe or should I tie it to a sugar cookie recipe. What does everyone think? Help please.
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Re: Need help on favors

  • I would be okay with one per couple. If you wanted to, you could do both a sugar cookie and a chocolate chip cookie jar for each couple. I would only do the cookie cutter with the sugar cookie jar. My vote would be for chocolate chip. Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies! :)
  • What if some of the couples don't live together?  Who gets the favor?
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  • mysticl said:
    What if some of the couples don't live together?  Who gets the favor?
    Whoever takes the favor home has to make the cookies for the other person.  

    j/k.  I'm not a fan of the one per couple.  I like everyone to get one.  Usually the favors are left at the place setting.   I'm a fan of assigned tables, but not seats. So what about the single people at a table? Is it musical favors?
  • I'd recommend doing one per person instead of one per couple. The cookie cutter is cute, but not necessary, if money is an issue, I'd cut that and do the one per person.

    You can always add a butterfly stamp or label to the the jar.

  • I like the cookie in a jar idea but I don't think the butterfly cookie cutter will be appreciated/used.  It probably isn't worth the money for the cookie cutter.  Maybe you can use some fabric with a butterfly pattern on the jar lids.
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