Feeling overwhelmed

I'm in my last semester finishing my Master's program. It's been an intense 4 semesters. Add wedding planning and a very active 9 year old daughter who has more friends than I do, and I'm having a really hard time keeping up with everything.
Anyone else??

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

  • @SoontobeMrsNytes

    I am sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with it all. I can only imagine how busy you are. Congrats on finishing your Masters though and on planning your wedding. If you need help I would be happy to help you if I am able to.
  • I'm having a hard time and I don't have a 9 year old to run after.  I was just telling my neighbor yesterday (during a fire drill in our apartment complex... because I don't have time for friends) that I don't know what I was thinking taking on wedding planning on top of working FT and grad school.  I mean, I know exactly what I was thinking... the reality is just a drain.  I have to take two summer session courses and then I'll be done at the end of June so the end is in sight :)  That is pretty much what is getting me through.  Our wedding is in October so I'll have a few months to chill out and really enjoy the detailed stuff.  We had a long-ish engagement -- It will be just under 16 months -- so I've been able to select vendors over time, which has been helpful.  But I'm rarely successful at balancing -- I have three papers due next week but I've spent a lot more time thinking about our wedding registry week then working on those.  Woops?  

    You have survived until this point which is the best proof I can offer you that you CAN do this!  The end is almost here and just think of how blissful our re-discovered free time will be when we are done with grad school :)
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