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New Jersey

Karmapants Photography

I really love this vendors pics. We are meeting with her later this week. I want to know if anyone on here has used her for their wedding. Every time I see her pics, I basically gasp in disbelief of what beauty she captures. My fiance thinks we should book someone who will include an album, prints, etc. But I dont think he has a concept of the actual price differences.. If we book her I would get a USB with rights to reprint but that's basically it, but she is not going to set us back majorly. He feels like if we are going to pay $3000+ we should get all the extras included. Most of the packages with the extras from other people are $600+ more.

All I really want is digital copies with rights, a big print (which I can probably print via shutterfly), a coffee table album, and two prints for our parents. I found a site that I can make a nice album on one of the forums on here. If we booked her i think she would be less expensive than the people we are looking at that includes lot of extra stuff like prints, albums, etc.


Re: Karmapants Photography

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    haha, I thought this posting was a joke.  Karmapants?  Then I googled and realized it's a real business!  I'd have a hard time taking a business seriously with that name.
  • GB520GB520 member
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    I know her name is kind of goofy but if you check her pics out she's totally legit. I thought it was weird when I first saw her pics on my venue's site... but now its growing on me. We just call her karma at my house or my fiance says karmapanties, but he's a weirdo!

  • A few thoughts.

    Their work is very good. Recognizing that there are a lot of photographers out there who's work is very good at all different price points, I don't know that I'd call myself blown away by their photography. That said, photography is the kind of thing where someone's style connects for one person and not another.

    I would definitely plan on getting a nice album.  50 years from now, that's what you're going to want to take out at your anniversary party.  If you do your own at Shuterfly or one of those places to save a few dollars, I think you'll wish you hadn't all those years later.  I've had a bunch of friends go that route and the quality of their albums can only be described as poor.  Even my friends are disappointed in their own albums.  Plan on a good album and build that into your budget.

    My biggest apprehension about working with this company would be that they appear to be brand new.  According to their own website, they've been in business for only a few months and have shot only 3 weddings.  Indeed, there are pages on their site that are still blank or don't work.

    They do nice work and would probably do a good job for you.  But if they're charging some premium because their work is high end or exceptionally creative, I don't get it.

  • I was obsessive researching photographers since the pics are one of the few things you will have forever. But I also did not want to spend more than $3500. To me, it was important to get the album included in this total price because I really don't think I could make one as nice as the professionals would, and I also was afraid I would keep putting off trying to do it.

    Gordo2014 said.

    What are you looking to spend, total?
  • None of the photographers I looked at included an album in their "package" but had album options as add ons.

    The photographer I went is $3,800 for 2 photographers for the full day, flash drive with all photos and rights to all photos. My album was an additional $800 and that is for a 60 page 110 image album. He had smaller album choices and less expensive material options as I went with faux leather. So all up he is $4,600 which was well with it for me.
  • My fiance's cousin used her for their wedding and I have to say her photos came out AWESOME!!!! She has done wayyyy more than 3 weddings, if you look at her facebook page she has videos of more than 3 wedding and she's been in business for a few years I believe, not months. Photography is all about what style you like, If her pictures blow you away then I would consider sticking with her, someone else might have a different opinion but that doesn't make yours any less relevant. I wanted to book with her but ended up with someone else that included video for a little cheaper, if you want me to send you pics from the wedding I know she did PM me :) 
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  • GB520GB520 member
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    Hey guys thanks for all the input! I am willing to spend up to $3,800 but would like to be more in the $3,300-$3,500 range. I have a bunch of people to meet with anyone work with RHM Photography?? I like their style too. What I'd really like is full day coverage so I'm not stressed out about them not getting pics and a 2nd photographer!! With her I would only book for 7 hours but I think 7 is long enough. 

  • I never met with RHM, but think their photography is pretty good.  Some of their images are great, but they don't really show too much on their site.  Even their "featured weddings", they exhibit only about a couple dozen or so images.  That sort of says to me that you'll get a couple of dozen beautiful images and a few hundred pretty typical ones.  Which isn't bad; just saying.  I'll say that they way the photoshop their images doesn't appeal to me, but that's a personal taste thing.

    All that said, they ain't cheap.  $3,500 for 5 hours and nothing more than a disc of images and engagement session.  I don't think 7 hours is enough unless you wan to cut short how long they're working with you gettnig ready or how long they stay for the reception.  When we spoke to our photographers, everyone said you need 8-10 hours and I now see that they're right.

    If photography is really important to you (and it sounds like it is), if a photographer's aritistic style is really important to you (and it sounds like it is), I think you just need to bite the bullet and pay what you need to to get what you want.  By the time RHM shoots your whole day and you get a nice album, you'll probably be in for somewhere in the mid $4's.

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