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When to stop adding items

When is it considered rude to add more items to a wedding registry? I recently saw some items were purchased from mine and forgot I wanted a simple cake cutter ($10) to add. Is it bad practice to add gifts after some have been purchased?

Re: When to stop adding items

  • No, in fact You should add items if your registry is low on items in a price point after your shower. It is fine too add items to your registry after people make purchases. :)
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  • I added stuff to my registry at Macy's last week and we have been married for over a month.  lol I only did it because the online registry completion discount wasn't working on everything unless I added it to the registry before I put it in the cart...

    Anyway, @photokitty is right.  You should keep an eye on your registries and it is okay to add/remove items as you want.  I honestly doubt anyone would even know it has changed.

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