Derby Farm Flowers?

Hi ladies,

Has anyone used Derby Farm Flowers in Arlington?  We are getting married down the street (Arlington Town Hall) and I've read some great Yelp reviews, but hoping for some real-life experiences from TK.  Any feedback you have, good or bad... and general ideas of pricing would be great!  Photos of their work are beautiful and seem to be the style we are going for.

We're on a budget (like everyone else), so we are keeping the centerpieces super simple with mostly non-floral objects and probably only a few flowers per table - 175 guests.  I have 5 BMs and am considering making the bouts for the guys myself.  Trying to keep flowers as close to $1,000 as possible - not sure if I'm nuts!

TIA! :)

Re: Derby Farm Flowers?

  • We used Derby Farm Flowers!!  They were absolutely fabulous - we were on a budget as well and they were the ONLY florist (we looked at about 8) who got that & were willing to work with us.  I think we ended up spending about $2300.  Below is the approx costs of you can see, the centerpieces and ceremony flowers were a huge chunk of our costs. Also, they charge a 10% delivery fee which you should be able to avoid since you're getting  married so close!  If you'd like to see pics of our flowers, let me know!!

    -My bouquet was about $100
    - BM - $80/each
    - Bouts - $15/each
    - Moms flowers - $30/each
    - Centerpieces - $75/each (we had two larger tables, so those were more expensive)
    - Ceremony flowers - $250
  • @Brownbear2013 - Thank you SO much!  Just the info I was looking for :)  They sound super reasonable considering they are so close to the city and do such beautiful work - that is great to know that they are flexible and willing to work with a more modest budget.  Good call on the delivery fee, I'll have to ask!  What other florists did you look at if you don't mind me asking?  We are starting to make our list :)

    Photos would be amazing!!  Can you PM them?  Thank you!!

  • @mwillette I can't remember all the florists, the ones I remember where Lotus Flowers in the South End, Winston Flowers (both recommended by our venue), Tangerine Creations (which was recommended by a friend who got her flowers from them for under $2500 but we got a $7K quote!!) and a few smaller stores in the Cambridge/Somerville area as well as Fiore Giacalone in the North Shore.  FG had good prices, but they did another friend's wedding & I wasn't really impressed.  

  • Here's a few pictures of the bouquets, ceremony arrangements & centerpieces!
  • @Brownbear2013, your photos are gorgeous!  Thank you so much for sharing.  Your info has been so helpful - Derby Farm will definitely be at the top of our list.  And thanks for the list of the others you could remember!  Trying to stay away from those $7K quotes, lol :)

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