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Gainesville reception dilemmas! anyone have ideas?

I'm hoping to get married Oct 25th but will do Oct 18th or Nov 8. My church was supposed to decide on whether we can have a reception there serving alcohol, but they are dragging their feet and I realized that it may take too long and then I will be up a creek if they say no.

I want alcohol. I am inviting about 240, but I could pair that down if I needed to get in a site that only fit 150. Nothing smaller than that. 
I've called Sweetwater Branch Inn, Paramount Plaza, and Hilton. Only Sweetwater got back to our many calls, and they are not available on those dates. I am expanding my search to any hotels or sites I can think of in the Gainesville area, but if any of y'all are familiar with other good places please let me know. I just don't want to have to put off my wedding several months because I can't find a reception site. 


Re: Gainesville reception dilemmas! anyone have ideas?

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    I would post this on your local board.  This is an international board and you will get better feedback on your local board.

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