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Mom wearing same color as the bridesmaids?

I haven't picked out my bridesmaids dresses yet (we are going next weekend) so I'm not sure what shade of blue they will be (navy or maybe royal) but I know I want blue. My mom wants to wear a navy dress and is worried about wearing the same color as the bridesmaids. I don't care what color she wears and she's not doing it to be flashy or anything as her dress will be an appropriate mother of the bride style and won't be confused for a BM dress. She just likes the color navy. She is worried about what others will think and wondering if it's in bad taste to wear a similar color as the bridesmaids. Again, it doesn't bother me but I've also never seen a MOB in the same color as the you think this is OK or would you side eye it?

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Re: Mom wearing same color as the bridesmaids?

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    Just fine. It's not in bad taste at all.
  • I have seen that before and honestly thought it was nice. People will know she is the MOB and not a bridesmaid. You have the right attitude to let your mom wear whatever she feels good in.
  • I've seen it done and it's not an issue at all. Navy is a really great colour on SO MANY people that I doubt anyone would think anything other than, 'Oh, wow, MOB looks really great!'

    I did go to a wedding where the MOG wore a prom dress -- like, honest-to-God, PROM DRESS that she had had ordered in one of the wedding colours -- and she did look like she was trying to be a BM. 

    But I think if the dress is age-appropriate, no one will think twice.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • huskypuppy14huskypuppy14 Boston Suburbs member
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    My bridesmaid dresses are black, and just so happens that both mothers are also wearing black formal dresses. I think it will look great!


  • I have seen MOBs wear the exact same shade as the BMs and I thought it looked really nice!

    My BMs wore royal blue satin short dresses and my mom wore a long sparkly midnight blue dress and my MIL wore a long chiffon navy dress. Looked great!

  • strow34strow34 member
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    I think it's really nice when MOB wear similar colored dresses. I've only side-eyed dresses that are either white or look like prom dresses. 

    *edit..spelling noob


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  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    There's nothing wrong with you mom wearing navy and your BMs wearing navy as well.  The dresses will probably be different styles and tones, anyways.  Example of a BM and MOB in navy:
  • My mother did this for my brothers wedding. Our bridesmaid dresses were navy satin and my mother picked a navy chiffon dress.... My sister in law didn't mind. It looked fine.
  • My mom wore the same color as the BMs, black. No problem.
  • WeeshWeesh NY member
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    My mother is wearing navy and so are my bridesmaids.  She panicked at first because she thought she had to pick a different color, but I kept telling her that it didn't matter as long as she loved the dress and felt beautiful.  I don't think anyone will mistake her for a bridesmaid, and she loves the dress so who cares?  I would never side eye it.
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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    The MOB can wear whatever color she likes, including the color the bridesmaids are wearing.

    The one color she should stay away from is white, but even there it's still really up to the MOB what she wears.
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