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Need help choosing an All Inclusive!!!

Hello ladies!  I need some help... FI and I are looking at having our wedding in October 2015, and aren't picky about where we go (we love to travel).  We know want to have it at an All Inclusive resort (because our family lives all over the country), probably in Mexico or the Caribbeans or somewhere similar, but we've looked at so many reviews for so many different places and we're so overwhelmed!  We're probably gonna have around 30-40 people, would like whatever resort we go to to only hold 1 wedding per day and preferably a private reception, and to have lots of fun activities available (like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, etc.).  I've heard the Iberostars Rose Hall Suites are really good, but wanted some other opinions as well.  Any help is truly appreciated!  TIA!!!

Re: Need help choosing an All Inclusive!!!

  • Congrats! Who know picking a resort could be so complicated, right? lol. I would love to hear what you find out! The only resort that I recall reading limits to one wedding a day is Couples Resorts. I would say that it appears Sandals has the best deals for bringing people with you. You get lots of upgrades the more rooms you book. 
  • The Palace resorts in Cancun offer great wedding packages and benefits. We are getting married there in September of this year. They offer (free) private functions if you have so many people going with you. They have family friendly resorts as well as adults only. Also, you can visit any resort while there and use their exchange privileges. We are staying at the Moon Palace but will be staying at the adults only one night during the week. Also, they have a complimentary wedding package as well.
  • MrsMaggardToBe Thanks so much for the info!  I never even thought to look at Palace resorts, but I am definitely going to check them out now!
  • Ausome13 I'm checking out LeBlanc right now... It's supposedly the #1 resort in Cancun!  But it looks like it might be a little out of our guests price range... I'm going to try and see if I can find a good travel agent that might be able to hook us up with some discounts!
  • We got married at Beach Palace, which is right next to Le Blanc, and we LOVED it. 
  • We are getting married at the Secrets Maroma Beach in Playa del Carmen. After looking at resorts all over Mexico we had definitely decided on Secrets. They tend to be a little pricier but the service, food, liquor and beaches are supposed to be just amazing! We are getting married Sept 4th 2015, so excited!

    Good luck finding a place!!

  • I attended my aunt's wedding at Secrets Maroma Beach in 2012... we loved it! The only thing I didn't really like was they didn't have anyone monitoring the beach during the ceremony and people walked right where the ceremony was! I dunno if you can request someone to do beach patrol haha
  • We are getting married at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen and are so excited! Our wedding package is approximately $5000 and we have about 35 ppl attending. They do however have 3 weddings a day but our reception will be completely private in a ballroom :) my fiancé's parents go to the royal multiple times a year and love it! It is a 16+ resort but the sister hotel, Gran Porto Real, next door is not. We are actually permitted to have children attend the wedding at the royal because it is private. Hope this helps!
  • @malyna thanks for the heads up! That's pretty funny...maybe I can have one of the men take on beach patrol haha

    I'm glad you liked it, I was a little nervous because we have never been to that particular resort but we've been hearing great things so fingers crossed...

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