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New Jersey

2 days away and I'm stressed...(vent)

I shouldn't be stressed.  I should be enjoying my last 2 days as being a single woman. But no, I'm stressing because of FSIL and FMIL.  If FSIL doesn't get her way she complains to FI and if she still doesn't get her way, she complains to FMIL who then in turn goes to FI to try and get FSIL's way for her.  FI of course has my back and tells FMIL the same thing we both told FSIL.  Then of course FMIL complains and makes us feel bad, but we hold our ground.  FMIL then wants to spend an hour at our house the morning of the wedding to help FSIL with her bra (??!!), help her get dressed and be there for when I get dressed.  I have told FI to tell FMIL that she can help FSIL with her bra and to get her in her dress, but she can't stay after that because she should be spending time with HIM not with his sister (or me). He understood and told FMIL. FMIL complained and said she wants to spend time with FSIL because it's a big day.  FI told FMIL that it is not FSIL's big day it is HIS and MY big day and that HE wants FMIL to spend time with HIM.  He thinks she got it but isn't certain.  So, FI told me that it's ok for me (or someone) to nicely ask FMIL to leave after she helps FSIL. I just hope that in 2 days, I don't have to worry about much and things will just fall into place.  I plan to relieve all my stress by cleaning my house today.  Tomorrow is a very busy day so I gotta get it done today. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  Any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.  

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Re: 2 days away and I'm stressed...(vent)

  • Well - it sounds like people don't know their place in the day's events. Not sure what FSIL and FMIL first issue mentioned is, but it's good to see you and FI together on the issue supporting each other. Great way to start your life together! It is only fair you get to spend YOUR day with your family and those you want around you, and he should have the same. I would have FI slyly ask her the night before "so what time will you be at my house" or wherever he is getting ready. Good luck and congratulations!
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