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Relieved: Spending the money for a videographer

I'm not going to lie; in the beginning I was dead-set for not wasting money on a videographer. I wasn't going to be conceited enough to want to watch a video of myself! And then a coworker of mine had her wedding (using the same company I'm using for photography/videography) and I saw her wedding highlights video and...I got a little jealous. It was very well done, very sweet. But still, it's a luxury, and I had guests to feed!

But the idea was in my head and it sat and stewed for a while. And I started realizing a few things (partially from reading things online from former brides); the video isn't JUST about myself or my FH. It's about seeing all these people that I may not even remember seeing day-of because I'll be so busy and in such an emotional high. It's about years from now when certain friends and family members are no longer around, and I can still see them and hear the things they said. It's about when FH and I are old and we can watch this video and see how we were young and danced, and our kids seeing us get our groove on! It's about remember the details that I'll completely miss, and reliving moments that I'll adore (the vows, first kiss, first dance).

Well, on a whim (on a Thursday) I wrote my photographer and asked about his videography packages. I remembered he had a 1K, 1.5K, and a 2K package (1K being raw footage, 2K being a videographer being around for 11 hours with two cameras during the ceremony, editing, three discs with a chapters menu and a highlights montage video). He told me that he had a sale going on that week (pretty sure he made that up to get me to go for it, but hey!) ending Saturday that the 2K package was on sale for 1.5K. So I jumped for it, and I feel this huge sense of relief. I'm lucky in that my parents are paying for most of my wedding, but I decided to splurge a little on myself and go into my savings for this (no debt at all and I'm financially secure, I just try to avoid any major expenses). For the first time in a few months I feel REALLY excited about a choice I made for my wedding, and really had to share my excitement with a group of people who would understand!

Anybody else have the same conflict I experienced? Did you end up getting a videographer or forgoing it?

Re: Relieved: Spending the money for a videographer

  • A videographer was something I wanted but didn't think I could afford.  I found one that had a winter promotion going on and I got $1,000 of the package.  It was some of the best money I spent!  Our DVD is beautiful and is almost like a movie in the way it was filmed and edited.  I'm so happy I found the money in the budget for it.
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  • Yes!! I love photos and knew they would be a top priority for me but I am on a tight budget and paying the whole wedding myself. So a friend (who does wedding photography) agreed to do it for $500 instead of the going rate $2,000. I also saw someone's video and was instantly jealous because it was so beautiful. I had never though I could have one because they are all $2,000 in my area. She told me her person is just starting out and only charges $600!! So I immediately booked him. He does graphic art/ media art as a profession so even though he's starting out he's amazing. I feel like that and my dress are the only real splurges and I couldn't be more thrilled with both! 



  • I love my video and I cannot imagine not having it! I got a great deal but would have spent more knowing what I treasured item I have now. I have a highlights/10 minute video and a 30 minute one. Both are great and have watched many times.

  • I have been struggling with the same decision. Photographers alone are not cheap. I have budgeted $4,000 for our photographer and a videographer would be an additional $3500 minimum from what I have been able to see. 

    I have been dead set on no video thinking how many times will I watch this? But lately I have seen some that I envy and have started the wheels turning. Seeing your post is only making me waiver more LOL! 

    Still not sure what we will do, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a deal :)
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