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Gift Registry Checking

I seem to be having this problem of always wanting to (and then following through with) checking my gift registry! Planning is getting to the point where everything is stressful and getting down to the wire, so looking at the stuff people have bought for us makes me so excited! My fiance is getting *literally* mad at this, saying I am ruining the surprise and ruining it for everyone for when I open everything.....But it'll still be a surprise who got us what, etc.... Does anyone else have this problem?!?! It can't just be me!

Re: Gift Registry Checking

  • I've checked ours, but with our invitations just now going out to the international family today (woot!) there hasn't been much action.

    However, 1 gift has arrived--our 12 pasta plates that we love.  I sure hope someone gets us the dinner plate set that goes with them :-)
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  • I checked the other day and someone got us the keurig, the k cup tray and some k cups that we registered for.  Invitations haven't gone out yet. I don't know if I am getting a shower or not.  Part of me wants to stop looking so I don't ruin what gifts we get or any surprise, part pf me can't help but look...


  • I've been on alot with just tweaking things.  We just reorganized our kitchen and pantry so we went through what gifts we need and what we probably will never use.  My shower invites just went out and shower is alittle over a month away. So, I want to get it set and then stay away from it.  It's going to be hard but I don't really want to ruin the surprise. 
  • I edit mine all the time lol but nothing bought yet... I'm sure I'll be a peeping tom though. I don't like surprises so this is like the best thing ever!
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  • I check ours like crazy! But my invitations haven't gone out yet, so there hasn't been much action.
  • I am surprised how much has been bought from my registry already. It was a little tough getting it started because my fiance doesn't like clutter and I made the registry without him. Last weekend he made me point out all the things in Macy's I put on the registry and added one thing. A couple of gifts have come in the mail already from out-of-town family which is exciting. We started to declutter a lot of things we don't use anymore, so that helps too.
  • We got our first gift in the mail last week.

    Still haven't opened it. The thought of opening it kinda stresses me out... 

    I went online to tweak our registry this weekend, and when I realized it was gonna show me what was already purchased I freaked out and closed out the page. 

    ...OK so it really stressed me out.
  • I look daily I shouldn't I'm really trying not to.  I don't want to ruin the surprise and I think a shower is coming up pretty soon.


  • I check every so often just to make sure things haven't been discontinued. A friend of mine never checked hers and received mostly cash gifts because a lot of her items were either discontinued or sold out. Not a big deal, but since I'm the type of person who likes to find a gift for someone over giving cash, I'm sure some of my guests are the same.


  • @guswoman - you should open the gift to make sure it wasn't damaged during shipping and so that you can send a thank you card promptly.  No need to be stressed.

    We are still tweaking our registry and we got our first gift shipped to us a couple of weeks ago.  I was mostly amused that it was in this gigantic shipping box (at least 10 times the size of the gift) because the sender had it gift wrapped.  It was kitchen utensils, so they had to use a large rectangular gift box that was about 3 times bigger than the gift, and thus had to use an even larger shipping box.  Good thing we have cardboard recycling....
  • I am so bad when it comes to checking! I feel so sneaky lol. My shower is on Sunday and there's really been no action... only 3 things purchased, mind you we only have about 13 things total. I told my fiance he's going to have to change the password so that I can't check anymore!!
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  • YEP!!! ive been having the same problem and my mom and fiance telling me the same thing "you'll ruin the suprise!" but i cant help it. My shower is on Saturday and i am sooo excited!
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