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Espresso machine

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What is too expensive to put on a registry? I don't want to scare my guests, but I want the completion discount. I all ready have an espresso machine in mind.  It is usually on sale for $600-$700 dollars.

Re: Espresso machine

  • Um, that might get side eyes. I found a Mr. Coffee one for $200 that was bought and it seems really nice. I would keep it under $300 if possible, or somewhere around there.
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  • Okay. I will take that off the registry. I might add it closer to the wedding so we get the completion discount.  Thank you so much for your help
  • @themuffinman16 some stores don't require an item to be put on the registry to apply the discount.

    Macy's it is off of almost everything in the Home section...  Crate and Barrel is it of your entire purchase for 6 months after the wedding...  Be sure to check!

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  •  We have an awesome Cuisinart espresso machine, that retails at about $250. We use it quite often, and it's perfect size for a counter top. It has the espresso, the steamer wand, & the top is a cup warmer. You can find them at most higher end dept stores, that have a kitchen appliance section. I've been eyeing a sexy Breville espresso machine that also retails $600-$700. *So* tempting! Lol. It's hard to justify buying it though, when we have a nice one already. :P
  • I think you can put an item on there for $600-$700, I wouldn't go much higher though.  My cousin had furniture on her registry when she got married, and people actually bought it.  Your registry is for things you WANT, and people know that and don't have to buy it for you if they don't want to.  I registered for the Nespresso machine, it is amazing and around $500.
  • I personally wouldn't side eye it IF:

    1) It was one of the few "splurge" items you have.
    2) Most of your registry was practical stuff.
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  • $600-700:espresso machine
    $200: Large mosaic tile mirror
    100-150: 4 items
    50-100: 20 items
    $0-50: 50 items
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