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RSVP/other guest lists on myknot

I have 3 guest lists on myknot. the wedding of course, the bridal shower, and the second most important to the wedding guest list is my "ohio reception" guest list. I have it so people can rsvp on my knot website to the wedding but it doesn't give them the option of rsvp-ing to the others. I am most concerned with my ohio guest list as that is a big reception for all invited to our Maine wedding that live in Ohio and most likely will only make it to the Ohio festivities. I need to know who is coming there as well. I can rsvp them on my side of things but it would be WAY easier if they could do it themselves when they go on my site. How do I do this? or is it even possible??

Re: RSVP/other guest lists on myknot

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