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Gold and Silver?

My engagement ring is gold, as is all my other jewelry. However, all of my FI watches and cuff links are silver. I am leaning towards getting him a silver wedding band since he likes to match, as do I. So would it look different if he had silver and I had gold jewelry?

Re: Gold and Silver?

  • Nope, get whatever you each like!
  • Nobody would even notice something like that. You should each wear the kind of jewelry you prefer. 
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  • FI works in the jewlery industry he's stated many times that couples no longer try to match wedding bands, it's just to difficult and each couple still have their own individual tastes. Case in band is white gold with white and blue diamonds, FI band is a tungsten band with carbon fiber banding and two tension set diamonds. Just get what each of you like. :)
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     Agreed! Go with whatever you prefer! Other than like my parents and their friends, I don't personally know of anyone that has matching wedding bands. Not that there's anything wrong with matching them, but I think more couples are going with individual/different ones. My engagement ring & band are a set, and my H's band is tungsten carbide. They still represent our marriage, & are more individually 'us.' :)

  • My wedding and engagement ring are white gold.  My H has a carbon fiber and tungsten wedding band.  We both got what we liked, not what would match each other.  So you should get a gold band since you like gold jewelry and your FI should get a silver band since he likes silver accessories.

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