Bouquet sizes, post yours... please!

My florist said 6-8 inches is typical for a BM bouquet and about 9 inch for my size (I'm 5'6", 125lb, size 4 jeans?) I think the 6-8 sounds so small. Can you ladies post pics of yours and your BM bouquets against the dresses so I can get an idea. I've tried looking at a ruler (which is why I think it looks small), and I've tried holding some against me but the comparison I'm having trouble with. Thanks!
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Re: Bouquet sizes, post yours... please!

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    You can see my bouquet pictures in my wedding bio below my sig picture.

    My bouquet was definitely bigger then 9 inches. My bouquet was huge (that's what I wanted) and was easily a foot in diameter if not a smidge bigger. My BM bouquets were also a lot bigger then 6-8 inches.

    I would ask your florist to pull together whatever flowers he may have in stock to give you an idea of size.

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    I have no idea how big mine was, but it was a decent size but not as big as @Maggie0829 .  Here is a picture of our flowers.

    Keep in mind that the bigger the bouquet the heavier it is and your MOH will have to hold both during the bulk of the ceremony.  You don't want them to look cheap but bigger isn't always better.



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    Here's a photo of mine. It was maybe 12" across. 6-8" sounds fine for bridesmaids.


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