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Do you consider summer or fall colors?

The wedding is Sunday at 6 PM, Sept. 5. Do you consider summer or fall colors?

Re: Do you consider summer or fall colors?

  • I think either would work during September. My colors are summer colors and my wedding is not until the 13th of September...
  • I am doing more "summer/spring" colors and my wedding is 9/27.  I did what we wanted for colors and didn't worry about the seasons, although I live in San Diego so we really don't have seasons.  Maybe I am not the  best help :)
  • We are going more summer than fall (Sept 6th wedding). It will still be very warm in SW Virginia and autumn doesn't technically begin until the 23rd... Although we would still pick the same colors even if it were much later, regardless of the season :)
  • I would have had the same colors regardless of my wedding date. Aqua with shades of greys,  yellows, coral and ivory, similar to below. Go with whatever you love and looks good on your attendants!

  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    I'm having a 9/27 wedding and it will probably be more spring/summer colors than fall. I adore fall, and chose a September wedding for that reason, but I don't necessarily want fall colors at my wedding.
  • I am the same day around the same time for ceremony. we went neutrals with pops of fall rich colours.

    in regards to flowers........because you are late in the season any 'summer' blooms will not be as good quality
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    We didn't even take the season of our wedding into consideration.  We are getting married on 9/6 and chose the colors we did based off what we liked.  Our colors are mint, gray, and lavender.  I guess they would be considered Spring colors maybe? It didn't matter to us.
  • Thank you all for the wonderful responses! Loll, those colors are very pretty!
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