Shower venues near Waterbury CT area

Hi ladies! My brother and future sister in law are getting married this August and she would like the shower to take place within an hour of her childhood home in New Milford, CT. Most of the guests will be traveling from the Boston area, so we are looking for venues within an hour-east of New Milford - so somewhere near Waterbury may work (I think? My only guess is from a map. So please let me know if the Waterbury area is not the best for places). There will be approximately 50 guests and we are hoping to keep it under $20/person for either brunch or lunch. Can anyone recommend any places to check out? We don't know CT at all, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Shower venues near Waterbury CT area

  • There's a ton of places in the Waterbury area, depending on the type of location you're looking for. The Hills at Western Hills Golf Course, La Bella Vista and Vasi's are some off the top of my head. I recently went to a shower at First and Last Tavern and had a great brunch. There is one in Plainville and one in Middletown.
  • Hi,

    Waterbury is a easy location for people, my family hosted my shower at the Country Club of Waterbury but I don't know if that is in your price point.

    I would highly recommend Vasi's as they just completed a really pretty banquet room within the past month or so, you can see all the new photos and menu's on their facebook page.

    I have never been to any other shower's in this area.

    Good luck!

  • The country club is gorgeous but I believe you have to be a member or know a member to sponsor you. I'm having my rehearsal dinner at Vasi's and have seen the banquet room and it is gorgeous but they are booking fast. I can also attest to the food there and La Bella Vista, both are great!
  • portofinos its in central ct kensington/berlin  about an hour from milford they have a nice buffet menu you choose what you want starting price is 12.00 pp you pick and choose what you want my shower is there and we got chicken pasta veg starch salad and cheese crackers for 12 pp
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