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Hello ladies,
My FI and I are currently planning for a Valentines Day wedding. I absolutely love what we have planned so far for the reception and actual day of stuff, but for some reason, I feel off about celebrating my anniversery on Valentines Day for the rest of our lives. On one hand I really like it, on the other I wonder if it's too cheesy.
I'm hoping some of you can help me by telling me about why you picked valentines day or how you think you will celebrate it in the future since it's a double day(anniversery&valentines). And for ladies with a different date, did you feel connected with your date or just pick it cause it worked..? Or am I just over reacting and getting nervous :)

Thanks!! I just want to be sure before we sign papers for our venue this week!

Re: Wedding Date Help!

  • Hi, I also asked a similar question earlier on. I ended up deciding on Valentine's day. At first I felt it would be cheesy and I would be stuck doing a Valentine's day theme. I then realized I could really do whatever I wanted, it's my day. However now I am starting to like the idea of incorporating it I'm my wedding. As for my anniversary being the same day as Valentine's, it makes it much easier for my husband to be to remember. He has no excuses for forgetting lol Plus we were never big on celebrating the holiday anyways, now it gives us a reason. I could careless what everyone else does that same day, itll be special for me regardless.
  • eca2010 pretty much stated exactly my reasons 2/14 was the date we picked for our wedding. I'm also not a huge valentines day celebrator but I like celebrating love all the time. So Vday was an easy day to remember for my husband - no excuses with the stores selling vday stuff as soon as xmas is over. Same as eca2010, I was trying to stay totally away from the thought of the day but now I'm thinking of ways to incorporate it. After all, it is going to be Vday for my guests...so I am dubbing my wedding as a "celebration of love" - hoping everyone will feel the love that day. Regardless, it's your day and I wouldn't worry about "cheesiness". 
  • I don't think Valentines Day wedding is cheesy at all. It'll definitely be easy to remember your anniversary. :) The plus is that it lands on a Saturday in 2015! The only reason I decided against it was for future reasons. I'd like to go out and celebrate my anniversary with a nice dinner at a restaurant. However, if everyone is out celebrating Valentine's Day at the same time, then I may have trouble reserving a place or there may be a huge wait if they don't do reservations. I also don't like to be rushed while I eat my dinner. :)
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