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Difficulty figuring out reception details to fit vintage theme

Hi everyone!

OK, so we have all the big things nailed down with our wedding coming up in June.  Our venue (a golf course reception hall) is secured, my dress was ordered months ago, we have our entertainment booked, we have our tasting next week, photography is good to go, and we are fixing to close with our officiant and florist.  However, I still have not set myself on the smaller details such as centerpieces, favors, or extra decorations for both the reception hall and the adjacent cocktail hour room.  Our venue is providing satin linens for the tables and chairs, sashes, and curtains.  My colors are royal blue and silver.  Our theme is "modest vintage elegance."  Modest in that our venue is not super fancy (but it's nice enough for us), our wedding is on the smaller side (75 or so anticipated guests), and the ceremony will be held outside of the reception venue on the golf course driving range.  Vintage in that I have been trying to maintain that as my overall theme.  And elegant in that I want things to still be on the nice side even though our budget is also on the more modest side.  

So, I am wondering if anyone might have any ideas that might help me bring this theme to fruition by figuring out the details.  Any suggestions or resource tips would be helpful.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Difficulty figuring out reception details to fit vintage theme

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    Why do you need a theme?  It's a wedding, not a prom.  Flowers are traditional and classic.
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    Nobody needs a theme.  My prom certainly didn't have one.  She has decided that she would like vintage details to tie her wedding together.  Problem? 

    Depending on the flowers you choose, they will set all sort of tones/vibes.  Vintage, modern, tropical, whimsical...  I recommend starting out just looking on google/pinterest to get some ideas of centerpieces you like?  I had to do that because I didn't know anything about flowers or what their names are.  You can google "vintage bouquets blue" for example.  Vintage is kind of a broad term- this will probably help you find some inspiration YOU love rather than anything we could suggest.


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    Your guests won't realize that this is a theme, and they shouldn't because weddings don't need themes. They'll see pretty flowers but their enjoyment of the event will be based on the food, drinks and entertainment. As long as your colors coordinate and you don't have crazy modern pieces and laser light shows mixed in with antique vases and lace table runners, you'll have a cohesive "look." 

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    What does vintage mean to you?  What time period are you talking about as far as your look, because online "vintage" means everything from the Victorian Era, to the Edwardian period, to 1920's, to 1940's.

    I wouldn't try to force the vintage theme too hard, because your venue itself isn't really vintage and thus it will be hard to carry that theme off.

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    I'm not sure what "modest vintage elegance" is supposed to consist of, because it can cover just about everything that isn't too tech-y or ultramodern looking.
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    While people poo-poo your "modest vintage elegance theme" I think they need to understand that you're looking for a cohesive vision, and these words have helped you narrow down what you like and are looking for. But there is still a lot that can stem from that 'vision/idea'. Since you're inside it depends a lot on the interior that already exist at that place. You'll need to pick another color(s) to work with since blue is limited in what is available in terms of decor - white/ivory is the easiest since everything comes in those. I'd look into blue hydrangeas, and talk to your florist about the flowers/centerpieces they can help with incorporating 'vintage' into that- by not using simple clear vases you can really pull the vintage in. I'd be a little worried that satin clothes might be a bit 'shiny' for vintage, so maybe play down the satin with something else on the table- unless you're going for 'gatsby like' vintage in which case you'd want to go pretty formal with candlesticks, shiny-ness/glam, etc. A few more details might help get better suggestions. Check pinterest out there's a lot of good stuff, but don't let it overwhelm/drown you in ideas.
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