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Looking for a good, yet not too pricey, photographer for our wedding in Waukesha. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • I am using Clint Wolf - weddingsbywolf.com who is just under $1k. He gives you all digital rights to your photos and will stay up to 8 hours.  We liked his personality & thought his work was fantastic.
  • We just booked Katie Toman Photography after our wedding planner reccomended her a few weeks ago. We're getting married in Waukesha also in Frame park. Anyways, her work was great and we got an all day package with a DVD and rights for $1500.
  • I've seen many people use Olga Thomas and have great success.

    We're personally using Front Room Photography, but we chose to spend the money to get the best.
  • A & A Photography
    Faith Photography
  • I'm using a girl I work with - she's just breaking into the wedding photography business but she's doing great at it! She's very talented. 

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • ANdrea Ryerson Photography

    in Waukesha, fantastic
    Praying for a miracle!
  • MilwaukeeWeddingFusionPhotography.  He does weddings all over Wisconsin.  He'll work within your budget and his photos are beautfiul.

  • LotusFly Photography  (Shawna)
    She did my sister-in-laws weddding and we booked her for ours.  She is extremely easy to work with, takes beautiful photographs and has many package option.

    She runs different specials throughout the year, so definitely ask.

    Shawna really makes everyone feel comfortable having their pictures taken. 


  • Thanks everyone!
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