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When is the earliest you should register for gifts? Engagement register?

Hi ladies!

My fiance and I just got engaged and were wondering all about the logistics regarding registering for gifts. He lives in the UK and I'm here in the USA, unsure about a wedding date but looking between Jan-May 2015. Is it okay to create one for engagement gifts? Or should we just wait for an actual wedding registry. People from both sides of the pond have been asking and we're unsure of what to say!!

Re: When is the earliest you should register for gifts? Engagement register?

  • It is a little early mainly because of the amount of product turnover that will happen between now and your wedding. 

    It isn't rude to register early (and your family can use it for Christmas/birthday gifts if they want) but you should only give registry information to those who specifically ask for it (which it sounds like you know).

    Maybe you can start one registry at a bigger store with less turnover (Macy's for example) and save the other stuff for about 6 months out.

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  • You tell them that you just got engaged and aren't even thinking about a registry yet but instead are focusing on determining a wedding date first.

    What the heck is everyone's rush?  They have quite a long time to buy you a gift or two.  I wouldn't rush out and register just because people are asking.

  • You can register whenever you want but like other posters have said there will be turnover.

    We did start a registry a month after we were engaged, about a year out from the wedding, but that was more for registry benefits.  Macy's gives you 10% back on everything you put on a Macy's card from when you register to when you get married (and 5% back on puchases off your registry).  In this case it was helpful to register earlier as we have already built up a rather large return.  But we did only have a few simple items and let the parents spread the word of where we were registered if people asked.

    Normally, I wouldn't bother registering until you get closer to Save the Dates/Invites going out.

  • I agree with Maggie. Days after our engagement family members were asking when and where we were registering. My response was that we are enjoying our engagement and will get to it later in the planning process.

    In our situation we were hoping to buy a new house before the wedding and I would rather wait to register until after I know what we will need.

    In my opinion...I kind of think that registering before the engagement party and telling people will sound like you are expecting gifts. You haven't figured out a date or a venue, but you had time to register at BBB? I am sure that your friends and family will gift you with something, but I think a registry for an engagement party is a bit much. Most of your friends and family who are feeling generous will give you money or gift cards. ...but that's just my two cents...
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