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Freak out/crunch time!

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OMG it's almost April!! Anyone else starting to panic a little? I feel like there is still SO MUCH left to do! We still need to...

Attendants:Select ties for GroomsmenBuy Bridesmaids/Groomsmen giftsBridesmaids: bathrobes ordered


  • Order chairs

  • Finalize wording for Common Cup blessing

  • Develop program

Food and Beverage:

  • Finalize signature drinks

  • Buy alcohol

Groom’s Attire

  • Buy formal wear and extras

Guests and Guest list

  • Seating chart

  • Escort cards


  • Book honeymoon


  • Get marriage license


  • Select Mother Son dance song

Related Events

  • Book rehearsal venue

  • Mail rehearsal invites


  • Final walk through of ceremony site (March 25)

  • Final walk through of reception site (March 25)

  • Send insurance to ceremony and reception sites

  • Have final meetings with DJ, florist (March 24)


Re: Freak out/crunch time!

  • Take it task by task so you dont overwhelm yourself :)
  • I had my bridal breakdown #1 last night. I had asked the groom to take care of the alcohol selection and purchasing, and he still hadn't done it. And then when I reminded him to do it, he asked for my help. Does anyone else think when their man asks them for help it's practically the same as them asking us to do it ourselves?? And then my MIL annoyed the crap outta me the other day, but we talked about this morning, so now I feel much better. 

    You'll get everything done, SB! I'm a list-person, so I have lists upon lists upon lists of things to do. Makes it very satisfying when I get to cross one out. Make sure you're delegating!
  • I hear ya!  I have so many lists, and I feel like when I cross something out, I add 2 more things to the list!  It's so crazy, I can't believe I am going to get all of this done in 3.5 weeks. 
  • A lot of these things will be finalized with our last trip out this weekend. The rest is on my fiance. Thankfully, last night he decided on his groomsmen gifts yay! His mom already purchased the wine too. And we ordered some sample ties. Check, check and check. Things are getting done!
  • I am super grateful that my venue is all inclusive (food, alcohol and most of my decor.) I also have an amazing dj that works with my venue a lot so he has all the timing and things already taken care of.
    Now the only thing I have left to worry about is hair and make up artists, seating chart and gifts.
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  • We are sitting at 9 days until the wedding, and we're doing a very small ceremony with a gathering afterwards. We had to change gathering locations due to a newly decided on event in the tiny town where we are getting married. That was a bit stressful, but luckily since we had some wiggle room on times we found somewhere yesterday. That was a big stresser.

    Now, we just have the small stuff. I need to wrap FI's present, and I still need to get my son a present (he's 5 and walking me down the aisle) and I can't think of anything.

    Our system has been down at work all week, and I'm the only one that does my job, so when it's back up and running it's going to be hectic. I was hoping for a quiet week next week before the wedding, but that's been blown out of the water. Oh, well it'll make the time go quicker!

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  • I sent a bunch of questions to my coordinator. She just replied with this whole- relax, this is why you hired me message. Whew. That really helped make me feel better.
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