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Hairstyle/Headpiece for this dress?!

Hey everyone! So this is my dress (ordered in ivory)!!

What do you think I should do for hairstyle or headpiece? The picture is gorgeous with her hair down but I feel like it takes away from the dress (the back dips and neckline is scalloped). I have dark brown hair and don't want a crown but some kind of piece. What do you think?!

Re: Hairstyle/Headpiece for this dress?!

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    It's truly, truly, truly up to you in the end - however you envision yourself looking on your wedding day will look & feel more beautiful than some fashion rule-of-thumb will.

    My opinion?  I think a loose undo with a birdcage veil or a small tulle veil (Twigs & Honey carries some very charming styles) would go well with this dress.  
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    I think a loose and low updo would look so sophisticated with that dress. Maybe a rhinestone headband? or a headband with a lace or flower fascinator/statement piece attached?
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    If you think having your hair down would hide or take away from the dress, then an up-do is the way to go.  As for hair pieces, I would do something with a little bling.  Examples:

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    Love the ideas!! Thanks girls!
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