Booked the florist!

Yay!  Today, I booked my florist.  It is a little more than I had budgeted, but our guest list went from 100-150 people... so that is understandable. It feels great to get one of the last of my vendors booked. The only vendor left to take care of is game day transportation. Lol. My only problem with my flowers is that I wanted a way to incorporate my grandmother into the ceremony. I was thinking about hanging faux magnolia and a faux magnolia garland from the ceremony archway.  I was thinking of doing this myself as my florist does not really decorate archways, beyond a bow and a couple of flowers.  (The driver is the one who sets up the flowers, so arrangements have to be pre-made). 
    I have, since, reconsidered the magnolias because the magnolia garland looks so cheap. The magnolia flowers actually look quite real.  I find it really disappointing to not have magnolias at the archway because I just wanted a quiet way to honor my grandmother. And it would feel like she was there in every wedding picture with her favorite flower.  Magnolias are not very hardy so the option of getting real ones is not a possibility. Any suggestions on how I could make this work without using with the garland?  Pictures would be great. DIY tutorials would be even better.  Thank you, ladies. I know it's just flowers, but I just needed to see her there with me on my wedding day.

Re: Booked the florist!

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