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salon time

Our wedding is at 430 in the afternoon. When I booked my hair appointment they booked it for 9 am. Does this seem to early?
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Re: salon time

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    Well is it just you getting your hair done or is it a group of you?  If it is just you then yeah, that seems super early.  I would think you would have gone in more around noonish.  But then again, that may be the only time your hairstylist is available that day.

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    My wedding is at 4:00 and they booked us for 9:00. I questioned it so she went through my day of timeline with me using the time they thought we would be done at the salon and the things I needed to do before the wedding. I only ended up with about 30 minutes of down time that day. I'm glad she did that with me and didn't just let me change my appointment time like I wanted to.

    I will be getting hair and make up and I have 5 girls getting hair and nails. We will all have our own stylists though so it will be getting our stuff done at the same time.
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