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XP: Bridal Party Questions

I have the greatest ladies in the world in my party and I want to do right by them. I have a few questions to make sure I don't come off sounding rude. 

#1) My sis is my MOH and hasn't expressed any interest in organizing the shower (totally fine) however, my other BM's (cousin and 2 BFF's) keep asking me whats going on. I've told them to talk to my mom, who was going to organize the shower on my sisters behalf. I sent an introduction email to everyone, just a 'here's everyone's emails, talk amongst yourselves' sort of thing. I know they set a date, but I get the feeling no ones really talking to each other about anything else. I know my mom will just take this all on herself and never ask for input, but my cousin and friends want to help. Any advice for how to get them to talk to each other? I don't want to sound like a bridezilla b/c I am so honored that they are all so excited, but not communicating at all. 

#2) Day of stuff- I'm having my hair done at the hotel the morning of, and I'd like to give the ladies the option to have theirs done too, its totally optional but I need to know who's interested so I can let my hair dresser know when to arrive. How do I offer without sounding like I'm paying (I wish I could, I just can't swing it right now) Also, one of my BM/ BFF's is a MUA and I wanted to see if she would help me do my make up (ie do a few pratice runs with me so I can learn to do it myself the day of) or do it for me (I'd pay her either way.) Is there a good way to ask her for her help without sounding rude? Or should I just find a different MUA?


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Re: XP: Bridal Party Questions

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    For #1, unless the BMs ask you again about the shower, I would stay out of it.  If they do ask again, just say, my mom is organizing.  Give her a call to see how you can help out.  Her number is x.  Then stay out of it.

    For #2, send an email to the BMs saying, I will be having my hairdresser come to the hotel. The cost for is $x.  Let me know if you are interested so she can arrive early enough to get us all done.

    And for your friend, who is the BM/MUA.  I would ask her if there is someone she can recommend to do the make up for the wedding, as you don't want her to work the wedding in addition to being a BM.  She may just tell you that she wants to do your MU.  Then you can finish planning accordingly.
  • I agree with @OliveOilsMom for both
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