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How early can you register?

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Our wedding is in December so we hadn't given the registry much thought yet. However, my fiancé is preparing to leave an out of state job he's been at for a year. He told me today that several of the coworkers he's been close to asked where we were registered. I'm assuming they are trying to show thanks and wish him well by sending an early wedding gift. He told them he wasn't sure what I had done so he'd let them know.

I feel like I should at least put a small list together for them. We don't really need much but it is awful sweet for them to make the gesture of the gifts. 

Is it too early to do all of our registering and just keep making sure the items are in stock? Or should I just do one simple list for them and worry about the rest later? 

Re: How early can you register?

  • You could start a registry, and stick to items like pots and pans, small appliances, kitchen gadgets, and china. Those tend to stay around, linens, home decor, lower end dishes can sometimes be seasonal. It also depends on where you register. Target as a pretty high turnover, Bed Bath and Beyond and Crate and Barrel have seasonal turnover as well.

  • I would go ahead and start one small registry at your store of choice and have it ready if people ask for it early.

    If you already have a Macy's card I would make that store the one you start now so you can accumulate registry rewards longer.

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  • Thanks so much ladies! I'll go ahead and do a registry at Macys and add basics. We'll fluff closer to when invites go out.
  • We got engaged in June, registered in August and are getting married this June. We basically started that early because we were just really excited and wanted to have fun with it. WELL, people would just start buying gifts aNd sending them to us as engagement gifts. It was incredibly nice , but to tell you the truth you're going to change he things on your registry a 100 times so you might get something you wouldn't be crazy about in a couple of months from now. I think registering for a lot of the basics is perfectly fine.
  •     I started one right after Christmas, even though we aren't getting married until October. I have a Macy's card and shop there a lot so I wanted to get in on the Star rewards as early as possible. There's only a few items on there as my wedding is immediate family only and I am not expecting any gifts. I just want the registry star rewards and the completion discount, LOL. 
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