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Multiple Registry Dilemma

I'm registering at 3 places, mainly because my aunt works at Macys, and then at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. I thought at first dividing stuff up would be best, so i ask for furniture items like lamps and and end tables and other home decor from Target, kitchen stuff/towels/sheets from BB&B and dishes/misc from Macys and so on. But my concern is what if I end up with no dishes because macy's is expensive or people don't look at all the registries? I certainly don't want to look greedy by listing staple items like plates and picture frames or glassware on all 3 registries but I'm worried that with so many options people will stop looking after one registry and i miss out on those important basic things.

Obviously I'm happy with any gifts i get because what matters is the thought but i want to be smart about how i set these up to make it easy and beneficial to everyone. Do I sound like a total brat here? I'm less than two months from my wedding and i was updating the registries when this all hit me.

Re: Multiple Registry Dilemma

  • I think you are ove-rthinking this.

    Maybe it's just me, but I always look at all the registries.  

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • That is entirely possible too. I'm known for that.
  • I would agree that most people will probably look at all of them.  If they look at Target or BBB and don't see something they want to get you, or are questioning why you didn't register for dinnerware, then they should naturally go look at Macy's.  The exception of course is elderly folk who may not be so internet savvy and are going to physically go to the store... but to be honest they are probably going to Macy's anyway, at least if they are like my family lol.
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    lyndausvi said:
    I think you are ove-rthinking this.

    Maybe it's just me, but I always look at all the registries.  
    Me too.  I usually figure out my budget and my relationship with the couple, and then check the registry to see what I can find that's appropriate based on those two things.  With BBB or Macy's coupons and sales, I may buy from either registry.

    I wouldn't put duplicates on multiple registries.  As a guest, I would be surprised (and possibly annoyed) if I got you something and then watched the same thing be opened at the shower because you listed it multiple times.  Give people enough credit, they will look through your registries if they plan to buy from them.
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  • I agree with the other posters. Personally, I get annoyed when I see that people have listed multiples of the same thing on different registries. It always makes me think that they didn't put any thought into what they were registering for and just added a bunch of stuff they don't care about. I really get mad when I see a bunch of the same stuff on the SAME registry - then I just do a check or a gift card. (ha - I guess they showed me :)
  • Thanks ladies! All points have been noted and i confirmed with my MOH so, i'm good now.
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