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MIL issues

Ok is it normal for a bunch of people to be at your rehearsal? I always thought it was just the wedding party. And the parents?? Am I wrong? My mil wants to bring the whole damn family.. is it wrong of me to say something to her? Or have my fl say something. I just don't feel everyone in their brother needs to be at our rehearsal. They can come to the rehearsal dinner which is at a different location. What are you guys thoughts of this?
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Re: MIL issues

  • Oh yeah, it should just be the bridal party at the rehearsal! We are having a really big rehearsal dinner that all the family can come to.
  • Well that's wha me and my mom thought. But she said well I'm not leaving my guest at home. So were not really sure what's going on. I would much rather it just be my bridal party that way its in and out and we don't have a million peoples opinion.
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  • Sometimes people will invite out of town guests especially if those people don't have other people to spend time with, or you want to maximize your time with them. For example, I'm going to be inviting a single female friend who is driving in for the wedding to the rehearsal. Our mutual friend is in the wedding party and she'll just be sitting alone in the hotel room if she doesn't join us.
  • Jessi, IMO it would depend if these family members are close by or out of town guests, like SBmini stated. If they're coming in for the wedding early then spending time with them would be nice for the whole family, but if they're local, I would sit down with you MIL...we have about 50 people coming to our rehearsal dinner, but my ILs are paying for it, so I don't mind!
  • I'm not sure who all they are. FM n I have no problem with people coming to the dinner. But at the chapel I and my BMS think it should just be the people in the wedding. I told Fl to let his mom know we and our officiant would like only for the bridal party to be at rehearsal. Although now I'm having more issues wit her lol. Its a never ending thing. I have between 10-15 girls going to get hair done. My salon is already having a hard enough time getting us all in. Well now today fmil wants to bring more ppl. His aunts and cousin. I'm normally not up tight about this kind of stuff. But I'm 3 weeks out and not wanting the stress of it.
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  • Oh yeah, at the chapel, you don't want to be herding more people around than you have to. That's actually a conversation I should have with my MIL...*mental note*
  • Right we talked with our officiant she said its nice in all to bring people but more people there more people are wanting to chit chat and not pay attention. Takes longer.
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