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October 2015 Weddings

Newly Engaged and Totally Green

Hi all!
I am only four days engaged, my fiance and I are discussing a fall wedding for 2015 but nothing is set in stone yet. Already it seems the luster and euphoria of our engagement has quickly worn off and the stress of looming costs is setting in. We are trying not to get in over our heads just yet, but how soon is too soon to begin truly planning? Also, how do we best stay on budget? We are totally green, meaning we have little to no clue what we are doing. I am sure that the prices will shock us but I am trying to mentally prepare us both. We are eager to learn the ropes! Any words of wisdom out there? And a special congratulations to all of you October 2015 brides!

Re: Newly Engaged and Totally Green

  • It is not too soon to start planning. My wedding is October 3, 2015 and I have my venue and baker booked and I'm looking at catering now. Starting early gives you more time to pay balances, plan  and it prevents you from going into panic mode weeks before your wedding. The best way to stay on budget in my opinion is to budget based on a dollar amount 2,000 less than what you actual budget is, and to look around for the best value (another plus of starting early, more time to shop around) Since you guys are thinking of a fall wedding the best time to buy things would be now- summer. You have a lot of brides who just had fall weddings and are dying to get rid of the stuff they no longer need, check the community board. Once you sit down and start to budget and add up cost you will get sticker shock, no matter what your budget is but just make sure whatever you do for your wedding it is what you two want. And budget for what you can afford, the worst thing is to be deep in debt as newlyweds.
  • I am planning like crazy for ours and it is going to be on October 24, 2015. We already have our church, our priest, our baker, our color scheme, a style of BM dresses, and our bridal party. We also have our photographer picked out, but we are waiting to have a meeting with her this weekend. 

    On top of planning for mine, I am a BM in my cousin's wedding in June of 2015 and my mom's MOH in July of 2015. So, I am also helping to make sure that 2 other weddings go smoothly.

    Once I start planning, I don't stop. I think I was destined to be a party planner. Haha. 

    Congrats on your engagement, by the way!
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