Where to get dressed cleaned after the wedding

Hi!  I'm looking for recommendations for getting the wedding dress cleaned.  Not interested in paying $300, as that is more than the dress cost, and it is in pretty good condition.  Don't need the box/preservation and not interested in having beads/lace revived.  Just a cleaning so stains/perspiration don't set in - just in case someone wants to use it in the future!  I found that Unique Care Cleaners (Franklin) will do it for $185 less a $50 coupon.  Any comments about them?

Re: Where to get dressed cleaned after the wedding

  • I just went to my regular dry cleaner near my house (the one we take DH's suits to, my dress clothes, etc) and they cleaned my silk wedding gown for less than $200.

    You don't need to go to any sort of special cleaner if you're not looking towards preservation.
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