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Cheap florist

Hey everyone I need help finding a cheap florist maybe around the $700/ $800 range for my august wedding any suggestions. Thanks in advance

Re: Cheap florist

  • We used The Lily Pad, and they were by far the most affordable (and still reputable) that we could find. When you go in for any meetings, I would suggest starting off with your budget, then giving your vision then finding out how much they could do for the amount you've budgeted. For that price range I'm thinking you would probably want to find or make alternative centerpieces (an easy way to cut down costs). 
  • Well for the center pieces we are doing candles and vases so that will definitely cut costs that's for the suggestion. I will check them out
  • I'm using Sam's Club.  The store in Addison has an actual floral designed working in the store, so you can review your budget with her and she can tell you how many of the bulk flowers you need to order through the store and then she actually will make all your arrangements for you.  Her name is Cindy, I'm getting a TON of flowers for right at $1000.  I would definitely suggest checking it out.
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