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Stressed Yet?

So I may be in the minority but I just want all this wedding stuff over with like now....

We've had a not so good week.  FMIL went into the hosptial Monday with what we thought was in the flu, turns out she was diabetic and we didn't know.  Had an infection in her foot that spread and required some pretty serious surgery.  So we've been spending every night hanging out at the hospital.  She'll be there through atleast the weekend and now the doctors are recommending that we move her to a rehabilitation center for atleast 2-4 weeks for extended care.  Not exactly where we thought we would be about 10 weeks before the wedding.  Add onto the top of that, FI's brother and SIL are being alittle less than wonderful.  In the 5 days that FMIL has been in the hosptial BIL stopped by once and called a couple times to tell Mom not to worry about babysitting for them Monday they found someone and to ask Dad if he could babysit on Saturday so they could go out (while Mom is still in the Hosptial of course).  FI's SIL (who Mom can't stand and wants not much to do with anyways) goes on facebook posting about the surgery before FFIL could even alert close members of the family personally what's going on.  So now we got to field all sorts of phone calls from people shocked we didn't tell them.  FSIL starts spreading detials about surgery and medical condition on Facebook to everyone but doesn't bother once to come and check in on mom...It was everything I could do not to put someone in their place with FBIL called last night to ask for a babysitter.  It's hard FI and I have been together for 13 years, so his parents are like a second set of parents to me and I'm going to do anything I can to protect them. 

On top of that we've got a whole weekend of finalizing details and vendor meetings, the church staff is being alittle less than helpful in helping us complete our final steps.  I'm trying to finalize our honeymoon but our travel agent isn't being very quick getting back to us.  My parents are awesome at helping with wedding stuff, but just invited another 6 families to the wedding.  While I'm so happy everyone is coming, that put us over the number of invites we ordered.  So I got to call the printing company and add 25 more invites, thankfully they were a joy to work with and had no problem doing it.  Work is crazy as usual and only getting worse... oh it's going to be nice when the wedding is over and I have a few less things to worry about.


Re: Stressed Yet?

  • [[[hugs]]]

    I hope your FMIL is better very soon.
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  • Geez, hope your FMIL is okay. It'll all work out in the end! Just keep your head up!
  • Hope your FMIL is ok, sending hugs the stress will calm down soon!


  • Well.... MIL is still in the hosptial.  We're trying to get her moved to a long-term care facility but insurance is fighting us on it.  They want another 15 days to process the claim.  Her doctors are going to call the insurance company directly today to advocate her being moved out of the hospital.  She's making baby steps in terms of recovery but atleast we are headed in the right direciton.  Just a long road ahead.

    Meetings went well this weekend.  We have details for DJ, menu, and florist finalized.  I met with my seamstress Tueday and my shoes work perfectly with the dress, no hem needed saving us lots of money.  Her alterations are perfect so far, so I'm exited to see the changes sewn into place. 

    Our Honeymoon got booked and a few days later we remembered that one of FI's groomsmen is getting married the first day of our trip, oops.  So I've got to call and see if we can push our trip back by a day.  Still not getting through to the church so I've got to call and follow up with them.  My family has been super helpful once they heard what was going on with MIL.  I literally spent 3 hours answering phone calls Tuesday with different Aunts/Cousins catching them up on whats going on at the hospital and what tasks we need help with.  Everyone is stepping up and helping out alittle so we can focus on the hosptial so that's a big relief. 

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