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Honeymoon Spots!

Hi ladies!  I know I may be late to the party with honeymoon decisions but it took us a long time to choose ours!  We're so relieved to finally just be excited to go!  We'll be spending 10 days in Fiji- 5 days in Qamea and 5 days in Matangi!  Holy moly are we stoked!

Where is everyone else going?  

Also, this was one of the most difficult decisions so far for us- we had a really hard time choosing the venue too.  What has been your most difficult decision so far?

Congratulations to everyone!  So happy to share this wedding month with you all!

Re: Honeymoon Spots!

  • We recently booked our honeymoon too. We will be spending 5 days in Barcelona and 8 days in Majorca... I have never been on vacation for so long and I am so looking forward to it!!
  • We haven't decided yet but leaning towards Costa Rica. I've been to both Fiji and Spain and both are great options! Lots of culture!
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    Jamaica. We just did Eastern Asia this fall and it was so much running around and sightseeing that we really wanted to just lie on a beach and do nothing. But I am already planning Western Europe for 1st anniversary lol.



  • We are going to Hawaii! :) Maui for 6 days and Kauai for 7.  CANNOT wait! Fiji sounds fantastic! we will all need something after all of the planning :)
  • all these sound so amazing!! Congrats on the decisions ladies!!
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