Paper Flowers

Has anyone ordered a paper flower bouquet off of etsy, or elsewhere (instead of making one)? We're not having a wedding party and are planning flower-less centerpieces, so I really only need a bridal bouquet. Are there any drawbacks to buying one 6 months before the wedding? Maybe I'm over-thinking it but I didn't want it to get dusty or fade/fall apart (which hopefully it wouldn't do if it was well made!)

Re: Paper Flowers

  • I have a paper bouquet from etsy in my home (I didn't use it for my wedding).  I've had it for about 2 years and it still looks just as nice as it did the day it arrived.  It does get dusty over time, though.  I would think if you kept the bouquet in a box until your wedding, you wouldn't have to worry about dust.
  • @jules3964
    I made mine instead of buying it (I craft as a stress reliever - so wedding crafting helps with wedding stress) so I can't recommend any particular etsy sellers but can give my 2 cents on storage.  @Ven&Radio is right on the money about the box - just make sure you don't crowd them in the box.  Keep them covered and out of light to prevent dust and fading.  I would also make a "shelf" in the box and cut X's or holes spaced apart so they stay upright and don't crunch eachother.  That should make transportation easy as well.
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