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It's the final countdown! - 2 weeks

Wow, 2 weeks to go for me! I've gotten so much done, and there are only a few things left to do! Mostly just finalizing a buncha stuff. Good news though is that I'm not really stressed about anything right now. I've been ignoring my wedding emails for the past week, so I guess I should get on that. I have the whole weekend off plus Monday, so I can really buckle the last minute details down. 
Yall ready for this?? (Insert music)

Re: It's the final countdown! - 2 weeks

  • 11 days for us! There's not much left to do , doing final edits with the officiant on the ceremony, picking up my dress, packing for wedding and honeymoon, and to spend the last week or so together!
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  • We just received our floor plan and now have to figure everything out because we might need to add an extra table, unless we squeeze 11 people at one.  Its these little tedious things that are driving me crazy!!!!

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  • Nice lucky, sounds like you have everything under control and well organized. Get it, girl!

    Yeah 50, I'm still working on seating and I'll have to figure it out in the floor plan because I love the hall we're in, but there's a big pillar in the middle, so we'll just figure that all out. Yeah, I'm spending the entire day tomorrow (well today, but I haven't gone to bed yet) on wedding stuff. Picking up my dress, meeting with my coordinator and caterer for inclement weather plans, then moving furniture from the storage unit to our new townhouse. I think I'll get some answers I need before I can move forward with some of the things that need to be planned out.

    I think we're date twins, 50 :)
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